Monday, July 6, 2009

I got this beautiful link from a little fan, Vivian, so I had to update the blog and include it. It's been really busy since we got back from Costa Rica. It's my everyday illustration and editorial work for Slate that finances the books. Making a living just doing books is hard, and takes years to establish. I was a presenter at a recent writer's conference with Shannon Hale, and someone asked her what her life was like now after "Princess Academy" won the Newbery. She instantly said, "You mean before the helicopter? And the butler?" The joke is that life is pretty much as always....
Here's a drawing for Consumer reports and a president's dog from the L.A. Times. I'm including a few spreads from "Too Many Monsters", a board book from Little Simon. I took a short break from "Wow Ocean" to do the sketches for this and it's a good thing- tackling " Wow Whales" and "Wow Tidepools" is going to take energy and inspiration. With fans like Vivian, it'll be easy.

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