Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow! Ocean!

Good morning. I'm just having coffee and waking up...I've started in on the long awaited (by me anyway) Wow! Ocean! This first involved a trip to the public library and a giant stack of reference books. That and countless hours spent on the beach and in the water surfing... The plan is to cram every possible detail into each picture and then to label the major fish- by their common name- not scientific, which would be a major incursion into Latin.
The set up is very simple and goes something like this; "Izzy was a mountain girl, she lived up on top of the world. Izzy and her sister Jo, were really hot one summer, so...
They went to the ocean! and then we proceed with the wows...I'll have the girls in every spread doing a different aquatic activity. I wasn't sure how that would work, but, as often happens, once it's out of one's head and drawn on paper, it takes shape and makes sense...
A note on format; these drawings are simple thumbnail sketches to establish the general composition of each spread and to set the pacing of the book. These are then blown up and used as a general guideline for the pencil roughs, much more detail is added, and then the pencils are traced onto watercolor paper and the final ink drawings are done. Color is done on the Mac.

That's it for today...there's a lot of Wow drawing to do...and some magazine work too... and the kids come home early! (Friday).

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