Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heading up to Hill

A light, wet snow fell last night. Izzy and I are doing a book signing at Hill Air Force Base's kid's book festival. They have a great child development center there and I go up and read from time to time. I can't wait for Air Show to come out next summer- Treat and I will go up and read- taking turns being the tower and the plane- Navajo nine five Charlie Lima... Air Show is full of aviation speak, and the idea is that all you need is a cardboard box and the book for many happy hours of flying. The endpapers are the instrument panel from N95CL, Treat's airplane, faithfully drawn... I'll do a comprehensive post on Air Show soon with pictures of our journey from tiny Heber, Utah airport to the great Oshkosh air show with Treat Williams, two other pilots and their three teenage boys. It was a blast. There were ten thousand airplanes there from every era and of every type imaginable. It was aviation geek heaven. So that's a tease. I'll put something together soon. Here's some pics as an appitizer; Treat and I with an enormous Canadian Air Force Lancaster bomber (1942), the last one still flying, and Carl's Chinese MIG. (Carl is our co-pilot in the book.)

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