Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm posting three editorial drawings this morning! The first is about buying houses... the second is a magazine illustration (Business Week) about corporations real stand on healthcare (nationalize it, yesterday...) and the third is how ordinary people will torture if authority asks them to. Fun.

Just returned from N.Y.C. We placed "Too Many Monsters" with Little Simon, of Simon & Shuster. It's a board book, about a little kid who has too many monsters in his room. They keep popping up, and he tries to stuff them in closets, etc....
In the meantime, my author on "Two Dogs," John Lithgow, has been up to nice things here.

New York was grey and a bit sad with the recession. I've seen it before. I graduated from Parsons in'75, the year Jerry Ford (bless his heart anyway) told NYC to drop dead. The food was spectacular.

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  1. Nice work as usual, Bob.
    Yes, in some way we are back in the '70's.But I think it's just the endless circle.
    I remember a saying from the streetcar days: "There's always another streetcar coming along..."